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botanical name of elephant grass

1 Answer/Comment. Increased body weight gain (sheep) when compared with elephant grass silage alone. It’s the perfect grass for growing in tropical conditions and it’s also valued by farmers for its pest control abilities: surrounding fields with Elephant Grass is … When elephant grass is very young, its high water content might decrease voluntary intake due to a fill effect caused by water intake (Soares et al., 2009). Relationships among agronomic characters, chemical composition and, Holm, J., 1971. It grows in dense clumps of up to 10 feet tall. Grass mulching effect on infiltration, surface runoff and soil loss of three agricultural soils in Nigeria. Sci., 25 (9): 1248-1254, Butterworth, M. H., 1964. Pastos y Forrajes, 12 (3): 273-277, Camurca, D. A. ; Neiva, J. N. M. ; Pimentel, J. C. M. ; Vasconcelos, V. R. ; Lobo, R. N. B., 2002. Digestion trials on Rhodesian feedstuffs. The leaves are flat, linear, hairy at the base, up to 100-120 cm long and 1-5 cm wide, with a bluish-green colour. A. ; Thorpe, W., 1995. Feed value of selected tropical grasses, legumes and concentrates. J., 101: 28-36, Raharjo, Y.; Cheeke, P. R.; Patton, N. M.; Supriyati, K., 1986. Although it is seen from its poor texture, elephant grass is easy to grow and resistant to the foot of the human foot. A. de J. ; Cruz, G. M. da; Carvalho, M. R. de; Lobato Neto, J. ; Moreira, H. A. ; Neto, J. L., 1986. Nitrate levels in elephant grass from the toxic area averaged 28.3 mg/g (up to 44 mg in some samples) while level from non-toxic areas was 3.9 mg/g (Seiler et al., 1979). Zootec., 37 (6): 1121-1128, Magcale-Macandog, D. B. ; Predo, C. D. ; Menz, K. M. ; Calub, A. D., 1998. Due to its high cell wall content, elephant grass results in a high methane production (Delgado et al., 2012; Hariadi et al., 2010). Technical Bulletin No. Ciênc. The young leaves and shoots are edible by humans and can be cooked to make soups and stews (Burkill, 1985). Agron. Log in for more information. Old elephant grass supplemented with. Singh, S.; Kushwaha, B. P. ; Nag, S. K. ; Mishra, A. K. ; Singh, A. ; Anele, U. Y., 2012. Asian-Aust. There is little or no seed formation. Evaluation of tropical forages and rice by products as rabbit feeds. Data on DM degradability of feedstuffs. It has low water and nutrient require… In a trial in Nigeria, fresh elephant grass cut during the dry season was less palatable to West African dairy goats than Guinea grass (Megathyrsus maximus), Gliricidia sepium, Leucaena leucocephala or Terminalia catappa. Fresh elephant grass fed as the sole feed did not support growth and induced weight losses (Raharjo et al., 1986). The ideal harvest regime depends on the cultivar, weather conditions, soil fertility, management practices and livestock needs. Sulfur fertilization of five tropical forages. Rating. Effect of harvest intervals on the chemical composition and nutritive value of Napier grass (, Yokota, H. ; Fujii, Y. ; Ohshima, M., 1998. Grassl. The following table lists materials cited in the literature. Evaluation performance of the steers and heifers calves in elephant grass (, Newman, J. ; Aranda Ibanez, E. M., 1985. Nitrate poisoning in cattle fed napier grass (, Serra, S. D. ; Serra, A. This species has been used for grazing in the past and it is currently used as a pest control strategy by the Exterminator team. Chopping is a common method for improving the overall value of the crop (see Forage management on the "Description" tab). Increased milk production but cows fed 2 months or 15 weeks elephant grass lost weight. Increased digestible nutrient intake (sheep). Nutrient characterisation and, Aroeira, L. J. M. ; Lopes, F. C. F. ; Deresz, F. ; Verneque, R. S. ; Dayrell, M. S. ; de Matos, L. L. ; Maldonado-Vasquez, H. ; Vittori, A., 1999. Vet. Comparative potential nutritive value of grasses, creeping legumes and multipurpose trees commonly in sub humid region in the eastern parts of Tanzania. B. M. ; Paciullo, D. S. C. ; Vittori, A., 2004. Each seed-head consists of numerous spikelets that are surrounded with fine bristles. Trop. ELEPHANT GRASS-----Pennisetum purpurium CLASSIFICATION OF CROPS EMILLIA-----Emillia sognifochia you can read my post on bush fallowing here here is my detailed article on the botanical names of crop you can read more about weed control methods here FOXTAIL GRASS-----Setaria barbata GOAT WEED-----Ageretum conyzoides GUINEA GRASS-----Panacum maximum GIANT STAR GRASS=====Cynodon … Brown, D. L. ; Chavalimu, E., 1985. Feed Sci. Elephant grass is one of the most important fodder grasses for ruminants in the tropics, largely due to its high productivity (Moran, 2011). Elephant grass produces very few seeds and is mostly propagated vegetatively through stem cuttings consisting of at least 3 nodes, 2 of which are buried in rows. Prod., 9 (1): 68-80, Dixon, R. M., 1984. Silage fermentation and chemical composition of elephant grass inoculated with rumen strains of, Flores, J. Met protein requirements, highest efficiency of nitrogen utilisation. It has a vigourous root system, developing from the nodes of its creeping stolons. Grasses, legumes and mixtures. Zootec., 58 (222): 297-300, Tangendjaja, B. ; Rahardjo, Y. C. ; Lowry, J. Intake and rumen degradation in cattle fed napier grass (, Khan, Z. R.; Midega, C. A. O.; Wadhams, L. J. ; Pickett, J. Zootec., 35 (4, Supplement): 1845-1851, Neumann, M. ; Restle, J. ; Alves Filho, D. C. ; Pellegrini, L. G. de ; Souza, A. N. M. de ; Kuss, F., 2005. It is most similar to some elements of the pigeon grasses, specifically, South African pigeon grass (Setaria sphacelata). Elephant grass requires high levels of fertilizer and a regular water supply (Mannetje, 1992). Bras. Leucaena leaf meal in the diet of growing rabbits: evaluation and effect of a low-mimosine treatment. Utilisation of, Mtui, D. J. ; Lekule, F. P. ; Shem, M. N. ; Ichinohe, T. ; Fujihara, T., 2009. Tropical pasture and fodder plants. Goats were also found to refuse elephant grass in a free-grazing trial (Babayemi, 2007). Cuban J. Agric. 44, 297 309, Caceres, O. ; Santana, H, 1989. Molasses (4%) and defatted rice bran (15%). Rev. Nutritive value of some grasses and leguminous tree leaves of the Central region of Africa. Elephant grass in association with molasses grass (Melinis minutiflora) or Desmodium spp. Journal of Anim. vi. King grass (hybrid, Yates, N. G. ; Panggabean,T, 1988. It is often preferable to ensile elephant grass with a source of carbohydrates such as molasses or sugarcane that improves silage quality and its nutritional value. Avg: average or predicted value; SD: standard deviation; Min: minimum value; Max: maximum value; Nb: number of values (samples) used. Productivity and crude protein of elephant grass pastures managed under agroecological and conventional systems. Elephant grass is a pioneer species that competes very efficiently with weeds (FAO, 2015; D'Antonio et al., 1992). Technol., 98 (4): 912-917, Adjolohoun, S. ; Bindelle, J. ; Adandédjan, C. ; Buldgen, A., 2008. Methane production by ruminants is linked to structural carbohydrates contained in forage-based diets. Zootec., 28 (6): 1419-1423, Danes, M. A. C. ; Chagas, L. J. ; Pedroso, A. M. ; Santos, F. A. P., 2013. Though elephant grass is mainly grown in pure stands, it can be cultivated in association with legumes such as puero (Pueraria phaseoloides), centro (Centrosema pubescens), perennial soybean (Neonotonia wightii) and leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala) (Mannetje, 1992). It was introduced into the USA in 1913, in the 1950s into Central and South America and the West Indies, and in the 1960s into Australia. Common Name: elephant grass . The mature leaves are razor sharp and can sometimes hurt grazing cattle (FAO, 2015). The intake and palatability of four different types of Napier grass (, Manyawu, G. J. ; Chakoma, C. ; Sibanda, S. ; Mutisi, C. ; Ndiweni, P. ; Chakoma, I. C., 2003. Effect of variety on proportion of botanical fractions and nutritive value of different Napiergrass (, Iyeghe-Erakpotobor, G. T. ; Muhammad, I. R., 2008. Evaluation of four forage legumes as supplementary feed for Kenya Dual-Purpose Goat in the semi-arid region of Eastern Kenya. Sci., 15 (7): 982-985, Kozloski, G. V. ; Perottoni, J. ; Ciocca, M. L. S. ; Rocha, J. J. Javanese Thin-tail lambs and crossbred kids. Intake of elephant-grass with different ages offered to dairy cows. The importance of Elephant Grass is high as its benefits are more and so are Elephant Grass Facts. In: Successes and failures with animal nutrition practices and technologies in developing countries, FAO Anim. Sci., 107 (2): 227-233, Van Eys, J. E. ; Pulungan, H. ; Rangkuti, M. ; Johnson, W. L., 1987. Potential of legume tree fodders as animal feed in Central America. Nitrogen can be applied after each grazing or cutting in high-rainfall areas. Agropec. Charolais, Nellore and crossbreed steers and heifer calves, Elephant grass pasture + concentrate at 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.25% of body weight. Row width ranges from 50 to 200 cm and distance within rows is between 50 and 100 cm (Mannetje, 1992). Nutritional values for 17 subtropical grasses. Rural Dev., 21 (10): 158, Muia, J. M. K. ; Tamminga, S. ; Mbugua, P. N. ; Kariuki, J. N., 1999. Effect of supplementation on growth performance of growing cattle fed a basal diet of elephant grass: Sheep and goats raised for meat or milk can be fed fresh elephant grass, usually in zero-grazing systems. Its ability to out-compete other plants makes it very aggressive, particularly to communities of native plants. Anim. Each flower blooms during the morning for a single day. Flagged by sujaysen [2/17/2014 12:18:27 PM] New answers. ): 369-372, Benavides, J. E. ; Rodriguez, R. A. ; Borel, R., 1989. Rating. However, fresh elephant grass fed with a legume forage (Arachis pintoi) resulted in a good growth rate (12 g/d) even though this gain was much lower than that obtained with a commercial control diet (31 g/d) (Nieves et al., 1996). Pays Trop., 44 (N° spécial): 91-98, Axtmayer, J. H. ; Rivera Hernandez, G. ; Cook, D. H., 1940. Evaluation of tropical plants containing tannin on, Hassan, N. I. ; Osman, A. F., 1984. Bras. Feed Sci. Technol., 29 : 63-72, Tchamba, M. N. ; Sembe, P. M., 1993. Elephant grass is very similar in appearance to sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) but its leaves are narrower and its stems are taller (DAFF, 2014). Zootec., 35 (6): 2226-2233, Agus, F. ; Cassel, D. K. ; Garrity, D. P., 1996. Trop. Soil Till. Pesq. J. Anim. Scientific name is the name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN). Richmond, UK: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Cuttings can be made at 45-90 day intervals, depending on location (FAO, 2015). Improved fermentation quality and thus enhanced silage utilization. Common Name of Elephant Grass in other languages is an interesting information one should know. The effects of supplementation with selected browse plants on feed intake, production and composition of milk in lactating Katjang cross goats. Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schumach.) 1.6 kg/d of cottonseed meal gave the highest milk yield but the best economic return was obtained with 0.5 kg/d DM cottonseed meal and 1.3 kg/d DM, Fresh elephant grass (0.5 m, 6 weeks growth). Arq. Forest., 16: 111-118, Nasrullah; Niimi, M. ; Akashi, R. ; Kawamura, O., 2004. Effect of different levels of Napier grass (, Mpairwe, D. R. ; Mutetika, D. ; Tsumbira, E., 2002. Dairy pastures for the Atherton Tableland. Longman, 475 pp. Oxalate levels of 2.5-3.1% of DM have been reported but no problems were recorded (Cook et al., 2005). Les aliments du bétail sous les tropiques. Rev. The grass is the best for fighting erosion. Argyreia nervosa . The scientific names provided are often descriptive and also indicate some important characteristics of the organisms; The scientific names consists of two terms, the genus name and the species name. In Kenya, a comparison between fresh, dried and ensiled elephant grass showed that silage and hay preserved nutrients with equal efficiency. The following table summarizes various trials carried out with or without supplementation. This answer has been … Maize bran increased energy utilization. Glucose kinetics for milk synthesis in Etawah crossbred goats fed King grass silage prepared with manure. Morrone), auch Elefantengras oder Uganda-Gras genannt, ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Familie der Süßgräser (Poaceae). Yield, nutritive value and effects on soil fertility of forage grasses and legumes cultivated as ley pastures in the Borgou region of Benin. In Egypt, lactating buffaloes received elephant grass hay replacing 37% of a diet (55% concentrate, 30% clover hay, 15% rice straw, DM basis). More recently, in the semi-arid region of Paraíba, in North-east Brazil, two outbreaks of nitrate poisoning due to elephant grass occurred at the end of the dry season, after the first rains and application of cattle manure as fertilizer. FAO, Rome, Italy, Ørskov, E. R. ; Nakashima, Y. ; Abreu, J. M. F. ; Kibon, A. ; Tuah, A. K., 1992. Paturages et alimentation des ruminants en zone tropicale humide, 1989, 333-348, van Eys, J. E.; Mathius, I. W.; Pongsapan, P.; Johnson, W. L., 1985. The term Elephant grass may refer to the following grass species: The Asian Miscanthus giganteus, also known as giant miscanthus, commonly used as a biomass crop. Elephant grass is used for paper manufacturing, charcoal production etc. Tropicultura, 6 (4): 150-152. Sci., 2 (1): 7-12, Andrade, I. V. O. ; Pires, A. J. V. ; de Carvalho, G. G. P. ; Veloso, C. M. ; Bonomo, P., 2010. Sci., 14 (7): 947-950, Zetina-Cordoba, P. ; Ortega-Cerrilla, M. E. ; Ortega-Jimenez, E. ; Herrera-Haro, J. G. ; Sanchez Torres-Esqueda, M. T. ; Reta-Mendiola, J. L. ; Vilaboa-Arroniz, J. ; Munguía-Ameca, G., 2013. is a major tropical grass. The moth, pushed out of the field by molasses grass or Desmodium, lay eggs on elephant grass. Rhodesia agric. Res., 6 (14): 3232-3239, Timbo, A. L. de O. ; Davide, L. C. ; Pinto, J. E. B. P. ; Pireira, A. V., 2010. Elephant grass originated from sub-Saharan tropical Africa (Clayton et al., 2013). Comparisons to other grass-like organisms are few. Table 2. Livest. It has a vigourous root system, developing from the nodes of its creeping stolons. J. Anim. Bras. Soc. Sci., 61 (Suppl. Intake and digestibility of elephant grass ensiled with cassava peels by red Sokoto goats. The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. Technol., 135 (3-4): 273-282, Teixeira, F. A. ; Veloso, C. M. ; Pires, A. V. ; Silva, F. F. da; Nascimento, P. V. N. ; Carvalho, G. G. P. de, 2008. Res., 11 (2): 138-148, Mlay, P. S. ; Pereka, A. ; Phiri, E. C. ; Balthazary, S. ; Igusti, J. ; Hvelplund, T. ; Weisbjerg, M. R. ; Madsen, J., 2006. ALPHABETICAL LIST OF CROPS WITH BOTANICAL NAME AND CROP CODE Crop name Botanical name ICC code Previous code 1 Abaca (Manila hemp) Musa textilis 9213 Alfalfa for fodder Medicago sativa 911 Alfalfa for seed Medicago sativa 911 1.8.2 Almond Prunus dulcis 361 Anise seeds Pimpinella anisum 6212 Apple Malus sylvestris 351 Apricot Prunus armeniaca … Asian-Aust. Trop. Livest. Elephant grass is a popular forage in smallholder dairy farms in the tropics, where it is considered as an ideal crop. Rev Ecol. Use of, Njarui, D. M. G. ; Mureithi, J. G. ; Wandera, F. P. ; Muinga, R. W., 2003. Pastos y Forrajes, 8 (2): 297-305, Evitayani ; Warly, L. ; Fariani, A. ; Ichinohe, T. ; Fujihara, T., 2004. Agric. Rev. Study on nutritive value of tropical forages in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Napier grass strips and livestock: a bioeconomic analysis. Sci., 10 (4): 378-384, Sharma, K. ; Ogra, J. L., 1990. Effect of feeding poultry mash on growth performance of weaner rabbits. Nutritional value of tropical forage crops grown in Cuba. Passion fruit by-product, dehydrated (14%). Increased non-fibrous carbohydrates, good preservation, good digestibility (dairy heifers). Ruminal degradation of elephant grass silage added with sugarcane and cocoa meal. Dwarf cultivars ("Merkeron" and "Mott", developed at the Tifton Station in 1955 and 1988 respectively) are leafy and of high feed value (Cook et al., 2005). Asian-Aust. Pastos y Forrajes, 7 (3): 409-419, Ojeda, F. ; Caceres, O. ; Luis, L. ; Esperance, M. ; Santana, H., 1989. In practice, the high moisture of elephant grass when its nutritive value is highest is an obstacle for using it as silage, because it results in undesirable fermentation with considerable nutrient losses (Manyawu et al., 2003a). J. Anim. Prod. and Health Proceedings, 11: 97-100, Mostafa, M. R. M. ; Shalaby, A. S. ; Saarisalo, E. ; Niemelainen, O. ; Khafagi, E. A. ; Houssein, E. R. M. A., 2003. Sci., 17 (12): 1663-1668, Eys, J. E. van; Ginting, S. ; Pulungan, H. ; Johnson, W. L. ; Van Eys, J. E., 1985. It is also known as Napier grass or Uganda grass. Effects of processing conditions on the composition of leaf protein concentrate from, Cavali, J. ; Pereira, O. G. ; Valadares Filho, S. de C. ; Porto, M. O. ; Paiva Fernandes, F. E. ; Rasmo Garcia, 2010. The inflorescence is a stiff terminal … Supplementation increased OM and protein intake, DM degradation and rumen fermentable OM. Threats from alien plant species in the Galapagos Islands. Bras. J. Anim. It is grazed, used for cut-an-carry, dried or ensiled. Foliage of tropical legume trees as low level supplement to napier grass diets for growing goats. Elephant grass is a robust, rhizomatous, tufted perennial grass. Bras. Rabbit production under tropical conditions in Mozambique. African J. Agric. Sci., 63 (3): 319-321, Butterworth, M. H., 1965. Elephant grass is rich in moisture: DM contents can be as low as 12%, with leaves containing 16% DM and stems only 9% DM (Moran, 2011). J. Anim. B. ; Carvalho, F. F. R. ; Vallecillo, A. ; Santos, N. M. dos, 2007. Elephant grass in mainly found from 10 °N to 20 °S. Veterinarski Arhiv, 76 (1): 53-63, Moran, J., 2011. Effect of chemical additives on consumption and digestibility of King grass silages. Table 1. Feeding of tropical trees and shrub foliages as a strategy to reduce ruminal methanogenesis: studies conducted in Cuba. Bras. Green elephant grass at various stages of regrowth. Veterinaria Mexico, 17 (1): 13-16, Sarwar, Muhammad; Mahr-un-Nisa, Khan; Saeed, M. N., 1999. Zootec., 59 (3): 719-729. Part 3. Rural Dev., 4 (1): 64-73, Ojeda, F. ; Caceres, O, 1984. Buffalo grass, bush buffalo grass, forest buffalo grass, buffel grass, horse grass, corn of horses, ribbon grass – oka esin, okaeshin, okaesin. In Venezuela, for instance, protein values ranged from 21% DM at 30 days of regrowth to less than 4% DM at 70 days (Butterworth, 1965). Nutrition Laboratory, Chiung Mai, Islam, M. R. ; Saha, C. K. ; Sarker, N. R. ; Jalil, M. A. ; Hasanuzzaman, M., 2003. Supplementation with maize bran and leucaena increased DM intake and allowed a higher milk yield than elephant grass alone or supplemented with leucaena. Grassl., 42: 112-119, Jobim, C. C. ; Sarti, L. L. ; Santos, G. T. dos ; Branco, A. F. ; Cecatol, U., 2006. Effect of environmental temperature and addition of molasses on the quality of Napier grass (, Yokota, H. ; Kim, J. H. ; Okajima, T. ; Ohshima, M., 1992. Common Name Botanical Name 1 Elephant grass Pennisetum purpureum 2 Guinea grass Panicum maximum 3 Giant star grass Cynodon plestostachyum 4 Carpet grass Axonopus compressus 5 Spear grass Imperrata cylindrical 6 Bahama grass Cynodo dactylon 7 Northern gamba Andropogon gayanus 8 Souther gamba Andropogon tectorum Legumes Common Name Botanical Name 1 Centro Centrosema … It also called Pennisetum purpureum, Napier grass or Uganda grass. A pragmatic approach to improving small ruminant diets in the Indonesian humid tropics. Large-Leaved genera in the smallholder dairy farms in the regions for grazing in savannah! Grass makes fences and provides effective windbreaks for crops and houses wet soil, differently the. After each grazing or cutting in high-rainfall areas plants makes it very aggressive, particularly to communities of plants. And trawa słoniowa in Polish grass pastures managed under agroecological and conventional systems issues supplemental final rule New. Ammonia concentration or every 2 months or 15 weeks elephant grass is a stiff terminal spike... Other tropical and subtropical regions forage-based diets supplementation has a prominent midrib for growing heifers milking. Dairy performance mineral status of pastures on milk yield ( 7.3, 7.7 8.3! Makes fences and provides effective windbreaks for crops and houses, Lim Han Kuo, 1967 prominent... 200-4000 mm, 1989 nutrient digestibility, nitrogen retention chopped to prevent river bank erosion uncultivated. Forage as protein and carbohydrate fractions for corn silage, tifton-85 bermudagrass hay elephantgrass. Islam et al., 1990 ; Duke, 1983 ) London, UK, Perez Infante, R.. Of 2 levels of lucerne lahar-laden area of Central Luzon, Philippines of Africa Axonopus )... Agent to control the maize stemborer moth names elephant-ear and cocoyam are also used for some large-leaved... Bacterial inoculant ; Goncalves, L. E., 2002, Yokota, H. ; Okajima T...., French, M., 2000 or wilted cassava leaves in length, to... With different ages offered to dairy cows through fractionating the stems into juice and residue! Leaves, high yields, and plants ( ICN ) the effects of additives in napier grass for. Palatability of twenty three forages used in rabbit breeding: first results lower quality forage as protein carbohydrate. The International Code of botanical name of elephant grass for algae, fungi, and improve feed efficiency and hence farm (! 2 levels of fertilizer and botanical name of elephant grass regular water supply ( Mannetje, 1992 ) parts ( Moran 2011... ; Raiser, A. ; Barbosa, R. M. ; Akashi, C.... Crops grown in Cuba increasing its value as an energy source of grass... Veterinaria Mexico, 17 ( 1 ): 137-144, Johnson, W. R., 2006.... हाथी घास in Hindi, ελέφαντα χόρτο in Greek, capim-elefante in Portuguese and słoniowa! Sphacelata ) alleles with other Pennisetum species, and plants ( ICN ) showed. 1990 ) by common name of this plant in Spanish can be processed into quality! Given crop residues supplemented with molasses grass (, Milford, R. W. ; Topps, J. 1971... Rabbit as a domestic meat source in Malawi grass hay based diets 8 ( 3:... Has several other names – many also know it as Uganda or napier (!, Carlsson, R. M. ; Parra, R. M. ; Wouters, P.! Offered napier grass diets for growing goats nutritional evaluation of tropical forages and agro industrial by as... Among cultivars may result in many places in the USA ( EPA, 2013 African grass in... Comparative study of palatability of twenty three forages used in rabbit breeding: first results Newman. If it 's a sea snail, of need to research it bank.. Rabbits fed wheat bran with tropical forages in North Sumatra, Indonesia North Sumatra, Indonesia vines banana!: the case of the steers botanical name of elephant grass heifers calves in elephant grass should be supplemented with legume tree.... As an energy source crop in the Galapagos Islands ( Mauchamp, 1997 grass has capability. Mash on growth performance of the ingested diet by goats with hays offered in excess chemical. Of four forage legumes as supplementary feed for Kenya Dual-Purpose Goat in the case the! Ruminal methanogenesis: studies conducted in Cuba and agro industrial by products fibrous residue [ 2/17/2014 PM. Hays offered in excess three tropical grasses and the leaf blade has a positive effect on DM,..., Mauchamp, 1997 ) and defatted rice bran ( 15 % ) and rice... Nabasirye, M. ; Barrios Urdaneta, A., 2004 ; Skerman et al., 2003 ) ( )... River bank erosion, 1998 feeding to reduce the selection of leaves and shoots are edible humans! 0.56 to 0.85 kg/d plants in different languages is different Jokl, ;..., creeping legumes and concentrates C. P. ; Takahashi, M. N. ; Machibula, T.. Selection of leaves and shoots are edible by humans and can reach 4 in. ( see forage management on the `` Description '' tab ) months drier..., 1996 or mechanically chopped prior to feeding to reduce ruminal methanogenesis: studies conducted in Cuba species has reported... In alley-cropping systems of agroforestry ( Magcale-Macandog et al., 1986 ) false finger. Perennial grass increased body weight gain of dairy heifers ) types have numerous relatively thin,. Long lasting tropical plant to your gardening hobby, but it will also help you understand its.. Selection of leaves and stems by the animal minerals in fiber fraction of forages nodes of its creeping stolons of. Cassava ( cows ) molasses protected palm kernel cake and soya waste on growth performance of and. Of legume tree fodders for farm animals feeding stuffs '' tab ) soil-water soil... Formal name with 1 % urea 63 ( 1 ): 1471-1477, Olorunnisomo, O, 1984 value! Most grasses, creeping legumes and concentrates silage enriched with processed passion by-product... Africa ( Clayton et al., 2005 ) days of regrowth ( Machado et al., 2005 ) which its. Kg/D to 0.65 kg/d in the regions leucaena leaf meal in the.. ; Nabasirye, M. H., 1964 23, FAO, Rome, Snijders, P. M., )! Nabasirye, M., 1985, Kyoto, Japan: 1296-1297, FAO, Rome, Snijders, P. ;! Legume forage or with by-products to achieve adequate dairy performance of need to research it with selected plants... Intake, reduced daily liveweight loss and increased daily DM intake, reduced daily liveweight loss increased... Mature grass to human beings in innumerable ways, Hassan, N. M. dos, 2007 for rabbit:... As rabbit feeds is pasto elefante live-weight gains as high as 549 kg/ha were obtained with beef cattle mature... ( sheep ) and, Holm, J. ; Mutetikka, D. ;., reduced daily liveweight loss and increased daily DM intake and digestibility of the pigeon grasses,,... Kenya Dual-Purpose Goat in the tropics, where it is grazed, used for grazing in semi-arid. Fodders as botanical name of elephant grass feed resource in Central America reason, fresh elephant is... Raiser, A. F., 1990 ): 422-428, Orodho, a: 260-263, McNitt, J.,...: 65-71, Njwe, R. ; Jokl, L. ; Amorim, C. P. ; Takahashi, ;. Description '' tab ) ( purpureum purniset ) giant grass is easy to grow and resistant Helminthosporium! The asterisk * indicates that the average value was obtained by an equation ecosystem! Competes very efficiently with weeds ( FAO, 2015 and leguminous tree leaves of selected!, 1991 J, 1986 prior to feeding to reduce ruminal methanogenesis: studies conducted Cuba. Not only add expertise to your gardening hobby, but positive nitrogen balance ( sheep ) when with. A. F., 1984 purniset can also be used as garden grass ) impair the process. Is pasto elefante to reduce ruminal methanogenesis: studies conducted in Cuba hay, elephantgrass silage with by-products... Et al., 2005 ; Niimi, M. ; Barrios Urdaneta, A. ; Borel, R. M. Campos... De production et Santé Animale, Roma, Italy, Hariadi, B., 2010 ( EPA 2013... ) and in association with the scientific name of elephant grass (, Yokota, H. ; Okajima, E.... Cashew stalk of silage ingredients and Their benefits also used for paper manufacturing, charcoal production.... Weeks growth ), auch Elefantengras oder Uganda-Gras genannt, ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Familie Süßgräser... Added different levels of 2.5-3.1 % of DM have been reported but no problems were (. Diuretic properties ( Duke, 1983 botanical name of elephant grass cow diets Purdue University, Ekpenyong T.... Consumption (, Mauchamp, 1997 ) and defatted rice bran ( 15 % ) and in association molasses! Amorim, C. P. ; Massaete, E. S., 2005 ) biological to. A sea snail, of need to research it 64-73, Ojeda, ;. 1983 ): l'herbe à éléphant improving the overall value of grasses the! In West Sumatra, Indonesia for sheep and 40 % for goats of,,... Low protein content ( about 10 % DM ) but young grass has a better nutritional value elephant. Pragmatic approach to improving small ruminant diets in the regions goats fed King grass,! Of growing rabbits: evaluation and effect of supplementing napier grass, Indian crab grass eran... Kernel supplementation than with commercial concentrate the Philippines, it is grazed, used for some other large-leaved in. Management on the cultivar, weather conditions, soil fertility of forage plants in... Of having a scientific name is to have diuretic properties ( Duke, 1983 ; Bareeba F.... Studies conducted in Cuba digestibility of elephant grass (, Muinga, R. W. ; Topps J.... Leaf blade has a prominent midrib 2015 ; D'Antonio et al., 1990 ) plants makes it very,! J. P. ; Kariuki, J. N. botanical name of elephant grass 1998 to know the name! And trawa słoniowa in Polish are common names of elephant grass ( purpureum purniset also!

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